Scenting service

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Business Scenting service

Business Scenting plans

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Professional Scenting Service
(Simple Charge)

Half year plan
One Year plan

SGS plan

HKD 4,888 for 6 months

(Average monthly HKD 815 per Airtech System)

SGS plan

Monthly Package Plan best suit for medium & large venue

HKD 6,688 for 12 months

(Average monthly HKD 557 per Airtech System)

Suitable for 500 to 2,000 sq. ft. coverage

MGS plan

HKD 6,888 for 6 months

(Average monthly HKD 1,148 per Airtech Systems)

MGS plan

Monthly Package Plan best suit for medium & large venue

HKD 9,688 for 12 months

(Average monthly HKD 807 per Airtech System)

Suitable for 2,000 to 6,000 sq ft. coverage


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Signature Scent

– Custom oriented service

Extra large space and HVAC

Short Term Rental plan

Flexible short term rental plan

Suitable for weddings, exhibitions, performances
all kinds of occasions to create memorable experiences


Service charge includes

√ Fragrance oil regular replenishment
√  Free Scenting Systems provided & maintenance
√ Free Consultation

Scenting service plans

Package Plans SGS Plan MGS Plan VIP Signature Plan Short Term Rental Plan
One-year HKD 6,688/year HKD 9,688/year HKD 888up/Airtech System
Half-year HKD 4,888/half year HKD 6,888/half year (7+1 plan, i.e. at least 8 days and 7 nights)
Space 500 to 2,000 square feet 6,000 to 20,000 square feet Unlimited Equal to or not more than 6,000 square feet
$0 Airtech Systems
$0 Airtech Systems deposit HKD 2,000 Deposit/ Airtech System
$0 Airtech Systems maintenance and replacement fee
$0 Consultancy fee
Airtech System 1 set of SGS 1 set of MGS Unlimited (Tailored) 1 set of SGS/MGS (by plan)
Scent Options
Free Scents sample
Numbers of free scents samples Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Depends on circumstances
Numbers of fragrance oil 500+ 500+ Custom scent 500+
Special theme of fragrance selection
Flexible selection during service period 1 time (One-year plan) 1 time (One-year plan) Not applicable Not applicable
Exclusive scent (during service period)
Exclusive scent design
Dedicated perfumer to follow up and develop custom fragrance
Installation and assessment
On Site visit and assessment
Service of installation